Frequently Asked Questions

They bury, cremate, or they find a professional to remove the carcass.

Call your vet for any kind of necropsy for the insurance claim if needed. Then make arrangements to remove the carcass.

A professional carcass removal can be between $350- $400, depending on the location.

Yes, but it can be very costly. You have to find the right equipment to dig a hole making sure you have the right depth.

Yes, we can, but being active in the horse industry we mainly specialize in horses.

Yes, we can dispose of cows.

Yes, we can depending on the number of pig carcasses.

We take them to the horse cemetery and we bury them.

Ideally, it should be in an open area where we can have full access with our equipment. Sometimes we need to make arrangements to have access to the carcass when it is in a difficult area to retrieve. 

Depending on the area and location it can take between 1 to 3 hours.

No, but if the client wants to they can. Our philosophy is preferably for the respect of the owner and the horse to do it privately by ourselves. 

It is illegal to leave any animal carcass on the outdoors to be decomposed. 

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